KingRoot Apk- Download the Latest Version of King Root 2017

Kingroot apk: root  your android device

Download KingRoot Apk-The term rooting seems to be very common among the modern users of smartphones. Especially after the arrival of Android, everyone has got some idea about what rooting is. It is not that much technical as it sounds to be.

Basically, rooting means having to possess the authority of accessing those system files, folders and their locations and few specific commands that are usually not meant for the users. By default, these files are usually secured off from the users. After rooting the user gets to utilize the full capabilities of their devices. The process can be idealized as converting oneself to an administrator from being a system user. This gifts the user with more control over the deeper workings of their devices and additional freedom to utilize that along with the few of the vulnerable risks.

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There are so many methods to root your device, and that to differ with various devices. The way we are concerned with here is one of the most easiest ways to perform rooting. The same you can do by using King Root app which executes the rooting process with just one tap.

What is king root apk

Kingroot apk

King Root app makes the rooting process really very easy by executing the same with just a tap. It is one of the fastest ways to do so. It is available for both platforms PC and APK formats. The success rate of this app makes it most trustworthy. You need just to follow the instructions given by the app, and within few minutes your device will get rooted. It is compatible with the devices of every brand.

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Features of king root apk

  1. King Root is the most reputed Android rooting apk. It has got the best rooting experience.
  2. The success rate of rooting performed with King Root is highest.
  3. You can root your devices with the help of King root apk with just a tap or click.
  4. You can try this app for free of cost and experience rooting within no time.
  5. It has easy to use and understandable UI so that user so not have any problem in rooting his device.
  6. You need not to be expert in technology to perform rooting with Kingroot apk. Simply follow the guidelines.

How to download king root apk for android

How to download king root apk for pc

  1. Go to the official site of KingRoot and download the setup file from there. The configuration file is named as the exe file.
  2. Run the EXE file as administrator to start the installation. Since the installation is displayed in the Chinese language so you need to follow the manual to start the installation.
  3. Click on the button written as “下一步 “ ( which means next ) to proceed.

N.B.: “取消” means cancel.

  1. Now select “我同意此协议 ” to agree on the terms and conditions of usage of the application. Then again hit on “下一步 “ ( which means next ) to continue further.

5.Now after this you need to select the file location where you want the executable file of KingRoot to be installed at. Alternatively, you can go with the default selection by clicking “下一步 “ ( which means next ) and wait till the installation is complete.

  1. After the installation is completed click on “完成” (which means completed) so that the setup gats completed.
  2. Now you need to connect/plug in your Android device via USB cable. Once done the software automatically detects the model of your device and the current version of Android running on your device. It may happen that it takes some time to complete the installation of the device driver. Then you need to move to the next step.
  3. Now you got to enable debug mode and please be sure of the correct version to be equipped on.

9.Once done the previous step hit on “尝试”(Attempt to root).

  1. Now you will observe that rooting process has begun and progress will be displayed over there. It may happen that your device gets rebooted many a time during that so don’t be panic.
  2. Once the rooting is complete, a message will be displayed showing the same.
  3. Close the application. Now your device will get rebooted spontaneously. Once the same is done Install root checker and confirm that the rooting is successful or not.

Benefits of rooting a device


You might have installed speed booster or battery backup increasing apps, but that would not have worked out. Rooting is the best possible and modern way to achieve it. If you have rooted your device, you have the authority to overclock your device which automatically results in maximized performance and a great battery life. It will also hibernate those apps that run in the background and are unnoticeable.


Yes, you got me right. You can block ads in any of the apps on your phone if your device is rooted.You can enjoy your favorite apps without letting any annoying app to disturb you and use your data.


All of us wanted to get rid of the preinstalled crapware. They are quite like parasites draining your battery and consuming a lot of memory in your storage.


If you are excited about digging the gold that means the hidden options and features of your phone the rooting is the best way out. Many other themes may be made available to you. You will get enhanced multitasking and scrolling effects. Keyboard layout customization will also be possible after rooting.


Rooting makes it very easier for the users to take backup of every possible minute data present in your phone. The complete atomization will result in better seamless transitions.

KingRoot Apk- Download the Latest Version of King Root 2017
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