Download and Install Fake GPS Apk for Android {Working 100%}

Fake GPS Apk Download

Download Fake GPS APK– Smartphone are growing at speed more than a light, there are millions of apps and apps discovered so far, fake GPS app is one of the interesting apps that means spoofing our location.

Fake GPS apk is one such fake location app that helps you to spoof your location to anywhere around the world while actually being or staying at home. It’s gaining more and more popularity day by day, as we can spoof anyone by sitting at home. But we have to be careful in some aspects.

Fake GPS apk

What Is GPS?

Let me say what a GPS is; GPS stands for global positioning system which allows land, sea, and airborne users to know the exact location in any weather conditions around the world. Spoofing our location is called fake GPS which is done by fake GPS apps in android. I think you heard about fake GPS location spoofer apk which you can download from here.

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How to download and install fake GPS Apk for android:

Android is a most popular mobile platform at this moment. Due it is open source, a lot of apps and updates are available on its marketplace “Google play store.” You can download the fake GPS app officially from the Google play store.

Download Fake GPS APK

Step 1: Firstly, go to the Google play store and press the search engine.

Step 2: After pressing it, type fake GPS.

Step 3: Select the app and enter into the app, after entering press the install button which is in green color.

Step 4: It takes few minutes for downloading the app, and it would automatically install, that’s it! You can use the fake GPS app.

Before downloading the app, we have to do some more things which are important to access the fake GPS.

Enable developer options:

Before you get the app doing all this magic, you will need to enable the “developer options”, in the android settings, just go to “about phone” in the settings, tap on “software information” and hit the “build number” seven times to unlock it, this process is same for the many Android phones and tablets.

Enable mock location:

Now you have unlocked the “developer options,” in the settings and scroll down until you see mock location in the “developer options,” make sure that the box of “allow mock location” is checked.

Install a location spoofing app:

Now install the fake GPS app as I told you, in the beginning, there are lots of apps to download choosing the best one and install.

How to use fake GPS app:

Spoofing your location:

When you open your fake GPS location app; you will be taking to a map where you have to select the fake location; just choose a spot from across the globe and select “set location.”

Before doing this you have to off your Wi-Fi, or else it might be not working later. You can use the fake GPS from the notification panel also where you can see the exact coordinates you are spoofing. You can add your fake location through the search or zip code.

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Not only spoofing your location, Mostly using this fake GPS apk for Pokemon go game. It will help you to play games freely on any country.

You can save the locations so can use the locations later. But the sad part is that fake GPS download for pc is not yet ready. We have to wait for some time.

Using the apps:

Now you all have to do is using your apps for your fake location. Just make sure that you spoof your location before actually entering into the app.

Now you have the power to convince apps that you are anywhere in the world. We have also posted about Sixaxis Controller apk Download

Requirements For Fake GPS APK:

The requirements of using fake GPS are simple:

Advantages of fake GPS Apk:

The spoofing GPSgps can be used in many ways such as. Some of best feature of fake GPS which we can use in windows 10 and pc by bluestacks or any other android emulator.

Mocking Location:

By fake GPS location apps, we can keep any location around the world; you can fool your friends and your neighbors.


It is also used for the security purposes like we can hide our identity.

Can unblock the apps:

You can unblock the apps that are banned or blocked in your location or country; you can access many sites which have no permission in your country


You can access any particular offer or any package which is not in your area

Other features of fake GPS:

These apps are used in the games like Pokémon-go as the game is totally based on the location; this app can download the games which are not released in your countries.

We have to be careful while downloading the apps as we should enable the developer’s mode and should enable the mock location.

Now, guys, you know about how to download and use fake GPS location spoofer free on your android device. Here you can download the latest fake location spoofer pro for free.


Fake GPS is the app with which we can have fun by doing the prank with our friends by changing the location of your phone, in some circumstances it’s quite a dangerous playing with the app we should be careful; we can select any area across the world and choose the location from the phone. This is one of the technical apps that is loved by everyone; there are so many spoofing apps where we can install free in the android.

Download and Install Fake GPS Apk for Android {Working 100%}
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