Top 10 Android Apps 2017 Must Download And Try

Top ten Android apps 2017– There are many apps present in play store for users, and anyone can download them and use. Today guys I am here with top 10 android apps which work really well and benefit able for users. Now you can go below and check out my top apps of the month that can help you to get the most out of your Android device.

Top 10 Best Android Apps All Time Must Have In 2017

Best Android Apps All time

Navbar Apps

Price: Free+

The first step up is called navbar apps, and this is an app which allows you to change your navigation bar to match the color of the app you’re actually in so for example if you go into Instagram the navigation bar will go pink to match the icon. If you go into Gmail will go red if you go into Twitter it will go blue and I think you get the idea it changes to match the color theme of the app.  so I really do like this it sort of emphasizes the rounded corners more of the essay especially because Samsung has a black navigation bar it really doesn’t show those rounded corners are something else.

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You can set a static color, you can also show your battery level on the navigation bar, and you can display image and even emojis. If you want, I’m not too sure why you put the emojis it’s a little bit overdone for me anyway the main reason I’m showing you this is because of the color changing feature check this out guys it’s so awesome

SpotOn alarm

It’s the second app next is called SpotOn alarm this one allows you to set Spotify music or playlist to wake you up in the morning so you can go ahead and log into your Spotify then you go and pick a song you want to play or a playlist.

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Choose whether it fades in whether it shuffles you can play it through external devices like a speaker or an Amazon Echo. And then you can set with your phone vibrates whether it shows a notification at the top you can then change the time on this analog clock and then you’re good to go. So all you do is hit save, It will save that preset and then go ahead and turn it on via the toggle switch, so it’s a really good app.


The third next app is called AirDroid this one allows you to transfer data from your Android device over to the computer or vice versa. Now you have some other stuff in the app as well you have a file manager you can record your screen and backup your device but the main reason I use this is because you can transfer things to other people and other devices. For example, I can click on something like my phone, and I can go ahead and send something to that now it doesn’t make sense because I’m logged in to my phone right now.

But if I click on my computer I can go ahead and send things straight to it so I can select a song and I can hit Send, and that will actually download onto my computer. Now you can also do the same with images I’m pretty much any other file you can find in your file manager, but you can also go ahead and send apps so if you click on an app it will actually extract the apk and send it across. See This Guide Also: – Root Explorer Pro APK

I find this especially useful the other way around, so they want to get an apk onto my phone from my computer, but if you don’t want to have the app installed on your computer, you can actually go to this web address here and just on the QR code with your phone. Then it will actually allow you to transfer things to the browser and then you can just download it from there onto your computer. You can also connect your computer to your phone through a hotspot, and this app will actually allow you to track how much data is being used. So this is really good if you want to keep within your limit and if you don’t want to go over-the-top and use up all your data this is definitely a really cool option this app is really useful for me.

Chrooma Keyboard

Now the next isn’t an app well it sort of is but it’s a keyboard, so this is a keyboard I use them on pretty much a daily basis. I absolutely love this keyboard it has so many cool things about it.  It has the swiping input we can swipe across to actually input words it also has loads of gestures built-in, so if you swipe along the spacebar, you can open Google.

If you swipe up from the Enter key you can actually get your emojis there’s also other stuff built in like I have my name on the spacebar and you can also change the height of the keyboard you can change whether it changes color depending which app you’re in and you can also set up this swiping thing,  where you swipe the number pad at the top of the keyboard to the left or right and will actually give you things like copy and paste quick options and suggested emojis depending on the context of what you’re typing but even that isn’t why I love this keyboard

The fact I love this keyboard is because it changes color to match the app you’re in so in the Play Store it’s green in Nova it’s red, and if you go into Twitter it’ll be blue, so I think you get the idea but deathly get this keyboard it is amazing I love it so much

Google Opinion Rewards

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

So up next is Google rewards this isn’t that where Google send out surveys to you. It’s normally just one or two questions, and I’ll actually pay you 20 cents per question. Now the amount money does vary a lot you might get 30 cents you might get 10 cents, but you will get some money for you usually, and this will actually build up so as you can see with my history they’re paying me small little amounts each time I answer a question and after owning this out for a while I’ve actually built up $24 and now I can go ahead in the play store and buy whatever I want completely free. Because of this app so I would definitely recommend it to you guys if you want to get some free dollar for the Play Store and it’s legal


Developer: Telepathic
Price: Free+

The next app on the list is called hooked, and this is a story telling out, but it’s got a little bit of a twist. This app has definitely hooked me I completely agree with the name, but it’s basically a storytelling app with different characters messaging each other on their phone. You get to actually view the messages, and that’s sort of the way it tells the story, so they’re saying things like where is he what does it look like how do you know him, and they’re explaining to each other about what’s going on, and you get to sort of reading in, and that’s how it tells the story to you. So you can go back to the menu and pick from a bunch of different stories, but they’re all pretty much sort of scary or dark.

So there isn’t really any sort of uplifting happy stories they’re all sort of spooky stories and I really do like that I’m sort of into those and I really do like the way it gives it across in this sort of text messaging style now you don’t get unlimited skips for free so you can’t like view all of them at once so you might have to wait a little bit of time between viewing them but it’s still a really cool app and I’d recommend it, you guys it’s awesome.

Icon Pack Studio

Price: Free+

Now the next is icon pack studio, and this is a really neat app. If you want to make your own icon packs but maybe you don’t know how to use Photoshop or some sort of graphics editor, You don’t know how to put the apk together with the apps inside and also there’s a lot of icons to make because there is a lot of apps out there.

This app sort of gets around that so this allows you to actually customize the shape of your app to customize the height and width the background color. You can also alter the outline as well and you can actually go ahead and change the size of it which is really nice. You can move it left and right up and down position it however you like you can change the color you can get the icon perspective, and you can also add like a glossy light effect, and you can change the angle where the light comes in and how much is hitting the icon and when you’re done you simply hit export and if you pull down your notification pull down will actually show you it’s generating an apk. So when this is done all you do is you install it on your device, and then you can open it like a regular icon pack app and simply apply it to your launcher. You May Like This: – Download OG YouTube Apk

So if I open it, there’s my launcher that’s Nova if I click on it and hit apply now. When I go back, you can actually see the icon pack I just created within like 10 seconds is now applied now obviously you can do a better job than me I spent like 10 seconds on it so you can really put a lot of time into it and make a really decent icon pack something I especially like is there are no missing icons, Because it’s generated the icons specifically for each app that means there isn’t any that aren’t made, so there’s no like old icons or sort of different shaped icons in between they all look the same theme, and that’s why I absolutely love this app.

Awesome Icons

Developer: Momo apps
Price: Free+

The next is awesome icons and using this app you can actually apply icon packs to your stock launcher or any other launcher that doesn’t normally allow you to so how the app works is you still like the launcher and then you go ahead and create a shortcut so you select the app you want to launch and then you can go and pick the icon to say from your photos or from an icon pack you’ve downloaded and then you simply save it and it will apply it to your home screen so when I go on my home screen you can see I have a Spotify icon that’s actually a shortcut to the app that I made before so it’s not actually the Spotify app and it does act the same as the regular app it just allows you to change the

Purchased Apps

Developer: azEf
Price: Free+

Appearance up next is purchased apps, and this is one I found recently because I was sort of wondering like which apps have I actually bought over the years, how many apps are we bought how much have I spent and do I have them anymore, and the answer for pretty much all of them was no.

So this shows you a list of every app you’ve purchased so the actual app from the Play Store and in-app purchases, and you can go ahead and view them so you can see how much you paid for them and you can go ahead and click on them and redownload them if you want. But you can also change the sorting order so you can go ahead and sort them from all this to newest so you can go see what the first app you bought was and in my case it was the doodle jump pro version, and you can also filter it so you can actually show only apps that aren’t installed on your device and can filter whether it shows in-app purchases or just an app purchase it’s definitely really really useful and you might want to go check it out.


Developer: cw fei
Price: Free+

Now the next app is called frame. This is a really nice minimalistic wallpaper app which sort of displays the wallpapers in an elegant way. So you swipe left and right to get to different pages you can then click on a wallpaper.

It has a scrolling ability, and you can also set the wallpaper download the wallpaper or actually share it with other people. Now this wallpaper up does have ads in it, but it’s not much of a big deal for me it does sort of taking away for people now experience a little bit but you’re getting a really high-quality wallpaper so it’s a small price to pay for that as you can see this wallpaper looks stunning.

The wallpapers don’t really go as much with my widget on my home screen but I can easily go ahead and change that but it really depends on sort of how your layout is on your device, but these can look super good if you have a minimalistic setup on your home screen as you can see pretty much every single photo within this app is actually an outdoor shot.

It has sort of a natural look to it so the landscape theme andyou can go ahead and search for different things so we can go and search for the sea or birds or really whatever you want a forest and you can go ahead and find some really cool wallpapers that sort of match that themeanother really cool one is this moon effect I really love this on an AMOLED screen because it has that deep black effect and the various moons in the photo really stand out so I think this is more of myself wallpaper to the ones

It has sort of a natural look to it so the landscape theme and you can go ahead and search for different things so we can go and search for the sea or birds or really whatever you want a forest and you can go ahead and find some really cool wallpapers that sort of match that. Theme another really cool one is this moon effect I really love this on an AMOLED screen because it has that deep black effect and the various moons in the photo really stand out, so I think this is more of myself wallpaper to the one, I put on before at that there’s definitely a lot to choose from so go ahead and check it out anyway guys that is pretty much it that is my top 10 apps.

Final Words

So, guys, i shared my top 10 apps of 2017, and all apps are cool and working fine for me. Now you can go and check out these apps one by one and if you feel any problem regarding any app or want to suggest me some apps then comment below. I will check those comment one by one and thanks for visiting my blog.

Top 10 Android Apps 2017 Must Download And Try
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